Welcome to our Gemstone Dictionary

Forty years of experience as international gem traders, cooperation with some of the best goldsmiths, gem setters and cutters as well as our sound gemmological education are the foundation on which this dictionary is built. We believe this is a distinctly different approach to providing gemstone information.

Besides giving the hard scientific data we strongly emphasize the practical aspects, relevant to all those working with gemstones.

You want to know whether a gemstone can be cleaned ultrasonically, whether it is sensitive to acids, heat or pressure, whether it will survive a galvanic bath or whether it can be left in the setting during repair? Look no further, you have come to the right place.

You will also find a lot of "soft" information like which stones a particular gem can be confused with, the origin of its name, myths & legends and miscellaneous things we think are worth knowing

Happy browsing!