Porphyry is the name for a variety of granites and igneous rocks with coarse crystals (phenocrysts) in a fine grained matrix.

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The name porphyry only refers to a rocks fabric. It says nothing about its chemical or mineralogical composition. Thus in modern geology the term is regarded as grandfathered and not in use any longer.

Origin of name: from Greek πορφύρα porphýra, purple
Firstly mined in the Old Kingdom of Ecypt, the puirple coloured so-called imperial porphyry was later highly prized by the Romans. Purple being the royal colour, its use was restricted to the emperor, who also owned the mines.

porphyr porphyryporphyr porphyryporphyr porphyry

Greek porphyry with large edenite phenocryts in a ferriscklerite matrix

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