Company Profile

Import and export of cut gemstones of (almost) any kind

We buy in major international gemcutting and -trading centers and our buyers are constantly scouting the international gem markets to keep us informed about new discoveries, trends, and prices.

We visit international gem markets several times a year in the meantime our partners and brokers are on the spot, so we react quickly to market changes and buy gemstones at lowest prices.

The sound gemmological training (Gemmological Association of Great Britain and OEGEMG, Austrian Gemmological Association) and the many years of experience of our buyers are your security.

All our stones are lab-checked and upon request we provide certificates and appraisals of renowned gemmological laboratories.

Lapidary orders

Our stock of rough enables us to react flexibly to customer´s wishes and demands. we also undertake gemstone repairs, recut and repolish orders
average delivery time is 1 to 2 weeks

Quantity orders eg. larger numbers of calibrated goods are executed by our lapidary partners in asia, so we can keep prices low. Average delivery time is 3 to 12 weeks.

We have been co-operating with the world's best gemstone engravers for many years and guarantee expert craftsmanship and highest artistic standards.

Coats of arms, monograms, company logos, photo engravings - see our "engravings" page for more

Gem setting orders

The masterly craftsmanship and long experience of our gem setter satisfy the most discerning Austrian jewellers.

Jewellery design, manufacturing and repair

In cooperation with some of Austria´s finest goldsmiths we gladly undertake your orders for custom-made jewellery and repair or rework your old jewellery.