Dalmatian Jasper

Trade name for a rock consisting mainly of feldspar, quartz and small amounts of hematite and epidote. The typical dark spots were identified as an amphibole mineral called arfvedsonite

Dalmatiner Jaspis Dalmatian Jasper

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Origin of name: thus called because of the striking resemblance to the fur pattern of the Dalmatian dog breed

Synonyms and trade names: the name jasper is incorrect and misleading. The material has nothing to do with jasper und should aptly be called Dalmatian Stone, which, however, never took hold in the gem trade

Can be confused with: some members of the aplite rock group. On the Italian isle of Elba (Capo Bianco) there is, for instance, a light coloured aplite with black tourmaline inclusions which strongly resembles Dalmatian Stone.

Localities: we only know of one deposit in Ahumada municipality, Chihuahua, Mexico