Nunderite is not a mineral but an aegirine-orthoclase syenite rock.
Syenites are igneous rocks with a composition similar to granite but with a quartz deficiency. Instead they are rich in feldspar, mostly orthoclase.

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Origin of name: named after Nundora Station, a sheep station near Broken Hill, a city in the far west region of outback New South Wales, Australia, were the material was firstly found in the 1960ies. The deposit has long been depleted.

Synonyms and trade names: nunderite, nundoorite

Can be confused with: nunderite has a distinctive look and can hardly be confused with other rocks and minerals

Localities: besides Nundora another deposit in Nundle, a village in the New England region of New South Wales, Australia, was known. However, all nunderite on the market most likely comes from Australia because, according to a statement of the Geological Survey of NSW, "There is only one outcrop of this rock type in the world.... to the best of our knowledge this rock contains the minerals albite-aegirine-nepheline-natrolite, although there will be some other minor minerals."

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