General Info

Delivery time

The average delivery time for gemstone engravings is 3-4 weeks if the stone is supplied by the customer and 4-5 weeks if we are to cut the stone. From September to November delivery may require up to one week more due to the Christmas business.

Attention: customarily the deadline for any orders which have to be delivered before Christmas falls into the last week of November.


for security reasons please address all shipments with valuable content to

Thomas Pfneisl
Himmelpfortgasse 7/20a
1010 Wien

In no case should you use your company stamp or terms like jeweller, studio, workshop or similar!

Basic rules of heraldry:

1. coat of arms facing right = for sealing
coat of arms facing left = "to look at"

2. if not otherwise ordered by customer coats of arms will be engraved for sealing and monograms will be engraved "to look at".
For monograms to be used as signets, a surcharge of 10% will be added

3. all prices are for stones up to 16mm. for larger stones a surcharge of 10% per mm above 16mm will be added.

4. all prices are for engravings in layered stones, cornelian, amethyst, citrine and other quartz varieties

For engravings in other gemstones the following surcharges will be added:

5. for relief engravings a surcharge of 100 - 120% will be added.

6. for each letter in a motto scroll we charge € 11.35

7. each engraving meant for sealing comes with one wax imprint. For each additional imprint we charge € 11.35

8. since all coats of arms or monograms are handcrafted the engraver reserves the right to add his personal touch under strict observance of heraldic rules and the customer´s wishes

Gemstone engravings are always individual and unique and not mere duplicates.