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Mustang Resources, owner of a large ruby mine in Mocambique, learned from it´s mistakes. After the catastrophic auction in Mauritius they closed the local office. Instead, Mustang moved to Chanthaburi, Thailand, and reported rather good sales in the first month. Now who would have thought that ruby rough sells better in the world´s number one ruby cutting center than on a tiny island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

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Austria´s largest selection of small round gems. Ruby, sapphire, yellow sapphire, pink sapphire, purple sapphire, emerald, tsavorite, aquamarine, spessartite, demantoid, amethyst, citrine, iolite, peridot, rhodolite, tourmaline ... read more

Ethiopian Emerald

Since many years emeralds from a location near the Ethiopian village of Duburuk, about 80km north of the Kenyan border, sporadically hit the market. However, due to low quantity and quality, impact on the international market was negligible.

This could be about to change!

Ethiopian emerald

In 2015 a new deposit was discovered near the villages of Kenticha and Dermi, about 160km north of Duburuk. It seems that the new deposit yields both higher quality and quantity.

Since autumn 2017 considerable amounts of the new emeralds were offered at the big fairs in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Tucson. Time will tell how significant the new deposit really is and whether Ethiopia will become as important a player on the emerald market as it already is on the opal market.

We will watch the market closely and keep you posted.