If not otherwise stated by buyer, shipment of our goods will be done by registered letter. Shipment is free for goods of a net value above EUR 150,-.


Shipments to EU countries, Switzerland and Liechtenstein up to a value of EUR 7.267,- are covered by our companies insurance.

Shipments valued above the amount of EUR 7.267,- or shipments to non-EU countries are covered by postal insurance. The premium for values between EUR 727,- and EUR 3.633,- is EUR 36,34.

The premium for shipments valued below EUR 727,- or above EUR 3.633,- is 1% of the declared value.

All fees and premiums according to rules and regulations of the federal austrian postal services.

Shipments to countries for which federal Austrian postal services do not provide insurance or shipments valued above the limit up to which insurance is provided will be insured individually. Buyers will be notified of the premium, which depends on the value and the destination country, in advance of shipment via e-mail, fax or letter.

All insurance fees will be debited to the buyer.

Our insurance policy also covers return shipments to us from EU countries up to a value of EUR 7.267,00 provided sender uses a plain envelop/box without the sender´s company stamp, logo or any other hint to valuable content and notifies us prior to shipping.

In case of theft, loss or damage our insurance will cover the amount of up to EUR 7.267,00 that is not covered by the senders insurance.

Risk for return shipments to us from non-EU countries, except Siwtzerland and Liechtenstein, is fully borne by sender.

VAT ID No: ATU 10377108