Trapiche Ruby

Very rare variety of Ruby with inclusions forming a star-shaped pattern.
First described 1997

​​feiner trapiche rubin, fine trapiche ruby

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Origin of name: Trapiche is the Spanish word for the cogwheel used to crush sugarcane. In this very rare type of Ruby inclusions form a pattern resembling the spokes of a wheel.

Can be confused with: no other gem

Localities: at the time of writing (July 2018) there were only two known sources. One is in Mong Hsu, Myanmar (Burma), the other in the border area between the two Indian federal states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Burmese Trapiche Rubies hardly ever reach a weight of 1ct.
From India specimens of more than 70cts are known.

Worth knowing: Indian Trapiche Rubies are currently (2018) mined in two pits. One yields red to dark red specimens, while gems from the other pit are characterized by a distinct purple hue.
The Indian occurrences were discovered somewhat accidentally, while (unsuccessfully) prospecting for uranium ore.

Violettroter Trapiche Rubin, purplish red trapiche ruby
Reddish purple Trapiche Ruby

dunkelroter trapiche rubin, deep red trapiche ruby
Deep red Trapiche Ruby with comet-like pattern

trapiche rubin mit wachstumsfiguren
In this extraordinary specimen the spokes of the wheel are masked by six-sided growth figures

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Gemmological Properties of Trapiche Ruby

Crystal system: