Gemstone Glossary


Rectangular stone, mostly step cut

Baguette princess

Rectangular princess cut stone


See double refraction

Brilliant cut

Standard diamond cut. Round cut with 57 or 58 facets: 32 crown (upper part) facets, 24 pavilion (lower part) facets, 1 table facet and sometimes 1 culet at the tip of the stone. The girdle is not counted as a facet.


Drop- or pearshaped cut, the surface of the stone is entirely covered with triangular facets; round or oval cross section; very expensive cut with higher than average waste


Stone with facetted pavilion (lower part) and cabochon upper part. The convex upper part produces a loupe effect

Bull´s head

Elongated cut-corner triangel, vaguely resembles a sketched bull´s head


A form of cabochon with an extremely high, sometimes pointed upper part
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