What your investment adviser forgot to mention

Pandemic, war, energy crisis, climate change and high inflation. Life is not easy right now.

As always in difficult and insecure times people look for ways to protect their properties and thus hard assets like real estate, gold, art and gemstones enjoy rising popularity.

Now, gemstones have some invaluable advantages over other assets. They are highly compressed value which can, should need arise, be transported easily and inconspicuously.

Upon hearing the word "gemstone" most people immediately think of diamonds. These have some advantages over coloured gem stones.  Diamond prices are, more or less, controlled, quality criteria are standardized the world over and they are relatively easy to sell.

On the other hand coloured gem markets are not regulated. Prices are not controlled and can vary considerably in different parts of the world, according to their popularity there.

The reason why investments in coloured gems are highly interesting is simple: return rates can be much higher than with diamonds.

However, there are some things to be considered, which, to our experience, investment counsellors hardly ever mention.