Ruby - Gemstone of Love

In the past year of 2009 the demand for rubies exceeded our expectations.

Now, of the big 3 (ruby, sapphire and emerald) ruby always was the most "difficult" rock, be it because truly fine rubies always were rare and expensive, or because the colour red has a reputation of being aggressive and does not combine easily with other colours.

Well, in the 2009 sales statistics of the Vienna Gem Center rubies clearly outperformed blue sapphires and emeralds.

We suspected two reasons for this:
firstly the colour reds vicinity to the current trend-colours purple and pink and
secondly the fact that due to the discovery of the spectacular Winza rubies and the controversial ban of burma rubies by the USA, rubies were pushed towards the center of public attention.

Quite recently, however, one of our customers, a lady goldsmith of remarkable skill and taste, offered an equally plausible but infinitely more charming explanation, arguing that at times of crisis people invest more into relationships. And, after all, ruby is the gemstone of love...

To substantiate her thesis the lady stressed that she had noted a significant change in her customers. Elderly gentlemen, heading to the jeweller´s just before christmas to quickly select a ready-made present for their spouses, were clearly outnumbered by youngish gentlemen, who made the same journey as early as September to discuss the present for their beloved and carefully select a fine ruby.