Pakistan - a new global player

Pakistan – a new global player on the world´s gem markets

The gem wealth of Pakistan is by some compared to Brazil´s. For several reasons, however, the country so far played a rather subordinate role on the international gem markets. To name a few there are the inaccessability of many gem locations, the want of government support, the lack of capital, the low capacity of the local gem cutting industry and the bad transport connections.

The infrastructure of Peshawar, the main hub for Afghani and Pakistani gemstones deters foreign buyers rather than attracting them and the local fair, which is held annually since 1994, still does not earn the attribute "international".

Now, however, things might take a turn for the better. In 2001 the " Gems and Gemmological Institut of Pakistan" was established in Peshawar. The institute is committed to training and further educating the local population working in the gem trade.

The lapidary training being offered seems to bear fruit. The skills of local cutters have improved to international standards. As a consequence a significantly higher percentage of locally found gem material is now cut and polished on the spot rather than being exported.

Thus more revenue is generated locally which hopefully will lead to more investments into infrastructural improvements.

In the last two years we could – with the assistance of our Pakistani partners – gather a substantial stock of fine Pakistani green and pink tourmalines, peridots, kunzites,and emeraldgreen fluorites.

We´ll keep you posted.