Loupe clean in places

Almost thirty years ago I ran my gem business as a tenant in a gemmological laboratory in Vienna, Austria.

The owner of the lab was a humorous man and when a customer seriously asked, whether his 2mm diamond was loupe-clean, the standard reply was, "Certainly. This stone is so small, there simply is not enough room for an inclusion".

Another in-house running gag was "loupe clean in places" as a description for gems with very prominent inclusions.

Recently a customer asked what i thought of the description "95% loupe-clean".

The source of this truly amazing statement was, for a change, not our favourite online auction house, but a jewellery sales channel on TV.

Now, the chutzpa and eloquence which TV salespersons show to hype up low-grade gems to brilliant jewels is awe-inspiring. However, that a gem and jewellery "expert" has the nerve to actually, earnestly and publicly declare a gemstone to be "95% loupe clean" truly baffled me.
The only fact which commands my admiration is that he did so without blushing.