Heraldry FAQs

It´s time to answer a few frequently asked questions concerning gemstone engravings.

Yes, we can engrave mounted stones. Actually, to do so makes a lot of sense because it eliminates any risk of damaging the stone during setting.

Yes, all our engravings are handcrafted. We do not use pantographs, lasers or other high tech machinery. Engravings can be done by laser or ultrasound but these are by far inferior to handcrafted engravings. These techniques are only applied when large numbers of engravings have to be produced at the lowest possible price, e.g. if a company wants to present its 250 male workers with the company´s logo in a tie pin.

No, there is no discount if you order more than one engraving, even of the same motif. In fact we should add a premium for multiple orders because it is substantially more difficult to engrave three exactly matching copies by hand than to produce a singular engraving.

Yes, engravings of coats of arms are unique works of art and the engraver reserves the right to change the engraving (under strict observance of heraldic rules, of course). Thus it might be necessary to reduce elaborate coats of arms if there is not enough space for the full escutcheon. It is a common misconception that in such a case only the crest will be left out. If there is a helmet with a crest and mantling it has to be engraved in full (i.e. with crest and mantling). If the coat of arms has to be reduced only the shield will be engraved!

For more information see the section engravings - heraldry.