Greenland Ruby

In our last newsletter we wrote about the Ruby deposits in Mocambique, where production is expected to start at the end of the year.

Today we report about the Aappattuloq Ruby project in Greenland, owned and operated by the Canadian company True North Gems Inc., headquartered in Vancouver.

The deposits, covering an area of 832km2, are located near the town of Qeqertarsuatsiaat (Danish: Fiskenæsset) on the southwest coast, about 160km south of the capital Nuuk.

Qeqertarsuatsiaat (dänisch Fiskenæsset) Aappaluttoq

Greenland weather does not allow for year-round exploration but True North has been active every summer since 2004 and has located more than 30 Ruby occurrences.

So far about eight kilograms of Ruby and Pink Sapphire rough have been recovered.
The bulk of the rough is rather small, with 90% (by weight) measuring less than a quarter inch (6.3mm). However, the quality of the rough raises hopes that Greenland Ruby might play an important role on the world gem markets in the future.

Greenland Ruby rough Greenland Ruby rough

Greenland ruby polished greenland ruby polished

grönland rubin grönland rubin

The largest gem facetted to date weighed 0.69cts and was evaluated at $ 2.100,00 (US wholesale).

True North greatly stresses the fact that Greenland Rubies are produced conflict free and environmentally friendly. An Environmental Impact Assessment Report has already been translated into both Greenlandish and Danish.Translations of a Social Impact Assessment Report currently being done, True North President and CEO Nicholas Houghton is confident that these are the "final steps leading to production".

All photos copyright of True North Gems Inc.
Taken from the company's website with kind permission of Mr. Ward Kondas, Corporate Communications Manager.