Green Light for Green Sapphires

We started our coloured gems business in 1984. Since then we only encountered about half a dozen green sapphires of good colour. The stones were either of distinctly bluish or unsightly brownish green colour and almost always much too dark.

Well, this started to change about two years ago, when large quantities of green Sapphire were discovered on Madagascar.
The tone is slightly yellowish or bluish, very attractive and not too dark.

grüner saphir green sapphiregrüner saphir green sapphiregrüner saphir green sapphire

Currently supply is ample and we started to build up stock of small rounds, like we have in other sapphire colours.

The first shipment arrived before Christmas and contained stones of these sizes:

Sizes from 3mm up can be ordered in our webshop.
Should you need smaller stones, please send us an e-mail.

Cutting is in progress and we expect more within a few weeks.