Gemstone toe

As you, regular reader of this column, probably know, life ain´t easy for a gemdealer. No sooner had a flicker of hope arisen due to the beginning x-mas business, one is confronted with truly shattering news. On, a website dedicated to luxury cars (!), the following entry can be found under the heading "curious":

"What are the options if you want to present a loved one with gemstones? One is to head for the next jeweller. Another is to sit down at the computer, visit and order online.
Siti Suhana, a 23 year old woman from Malaysia, however, has her own method which has international doctors and scientists agasp and is nothing short of a miracle. She grows gemstones from her toenail. Two to five gemstones at a time, sometimes sparkling green and as large as a marble, wind out from the open nail which closes again when the job is done.
The experts have found no explanation so far but do talk of very mysterious circumstances. Now the doctors are about to fathom the secret and maybe ease the pain during the wondrous procedure."

I pray that the collective brainpower of international doctors and scientists can cure Mrs. Suhana from her ailment and put an end to the unholy machinations. Just imagine the worst case scenario: science fails, the lady activates her other toes and trains her kinsfolk to her specific faculty. Given the average size of asian families some gemcutters might re-train to podiatry but the livelihood of all others in the gem business will be jeopardized...