Buying gems during the pandemic

Like so many other professions gem traders currently have a major problem.

Usually we travel the world to source gems from traders and cutters in the countries of origin or at international fairs.
Some of our suppliers also come to Austria, to show us their goods in our Vienna office.

All of this, of course, is impossible in times of pandemic.

Now more than 35 years of networking pay off (again).
We have been working with all of our suppliers for a very long time, in some cases for more than three decades.

These people have earned our trust. They know our preferences and we can rely on them to supply us with gems that meet our quality standards.

On the other hand they rely on us, too.
In these times of travel restrictions, when they can neither receive nor visit customers and when all gem fairs have been cancelled, orders from wholesalers often are their only source of income. Almost no gem traders in the countries of origin have local shops or webshops to sell to private customers.

So, right now we try to give them as much business as possible, actually buying many more gemstones than we otherwise would.

The latest shipment came from Thailand and contained this:

These gems will be published in our webshop until Jan 18th.

In the third week of January we expect more shipments from India and Brazil, containing Amethyst, Aquamarine, Beryl and Tourmaline

At this point we explicitly thank all our webshop customers for their business.
Your orders help to secure the economic survival of our suppliers, all small, family-run ventures.