Brother sun and sister moon

During the last months several media reported that moonstone, one of our favourites, is becoming increasingly popular in the USA and in China.

What happens, when these two large markets jump on a particular gemstone became clearly obvious in the cases of ruby and rubellite: prices rise sharply within a very short time.

Thus we decided to stock up on moonstone, before the price hike, increasing our inventory to more than 12,000cts.
Since the beginning of the year we bought substantial quantities of white, grey, black, orange and brown moonstones as well as a large lot of star moonstones of selected quality.

During the search our buyer in India also came across a parcel of truly fine sunstones.
Amongst them are eleven star sunstones of a quality as we never saw before.

sonnenstein (aventurin feldspat)sonnenstein (aventurin feldspat)sonnenstein (aventurin feldspat)
sternsonnenstein (aventurin feldspat)sternsonnenstein (aventurin feldspat)sternsonnenstein (aventurin feldspat)