Best buys

Good things come to those who wait.
After an endless journey from Bangkok, via Guangzhou, New Delhi, Dubai, Paris and Cologne the last of six shipments from our buyers in Brazil, India and Thailand arrived at our Vienna office.

Now, finally, we are pleased to announce some truly outstanding new entries.

Most spectacular are two alexandrites which are amongst the best we ever saw.
Even more surprsing than the overall quality was the really very low price. We would have bought these two beauties even for twice the money - no kidding!

Other new acquisitions are

as well as lots of calibrated small aquamarines, amethysts, yellow beryls, morganites, rubellites and verdelites.

alexandritalexandritalexandritalexandritrubin unbehandeltsmaragdgrüner saphiraquamarinaquamarin cabochonturmalin scheibeturmalin scheibeberyll