Aquamarine renaissance?

It looks as if aquamarine has a renaissance every three decades, to enjoy great popularity for several years before falling back into a Sleeping Beauty slumber.

The first boom occurred in the 1960ies. The elders among us surely remember the red gold atrocities of those times. Rather large smoky quartz and citrine, mostly called "smoky topaz" and "golden topaz" by the trade, were common but aquamarine and (much cheaper) aquamarine-coloured synthetic spinel was immensely popular, too.

The second wave came in the 1990ies, with the resurgence of white gold. I remember one year, when we actually sold more aquamarine than emerald, ruby and sapphire combined!

Now we could be on the verge of just another aquamarine bonanza.
Since the beginning of the year we register unusually strong demand.

Well, we are ready for it!

Our stock comprises fine single pieces from various African sources and from Brazil, as well as calibrated goods in common shapes and sizes.