Alexandrite Update


Exciting news for alexandrite lovers!

A new mine in the indian state of Andhra Pradesh produces truly beautiful alexandrites. The new stones are characterized by very attractive daylight colour and unusually high clarity. Ocassionally even eyeclean stones have been found.

Unfortunately the finds so far have been of rather small size. During the past two years we could only secure two stones of more than 1ct weight. In general the mine does not seem to be overproductive because even small stones were hard to come by. The humble yield does have its good sides, however. Even in India itself the mine is hardly known and because buyers are not fighting over the new stones they are still surprisingly low priced, i.e. well below the price level of comparable russian, brazilian and tanzanian alexandrites.

The colour change of the specimens found so far was quite good but nothing to get too excited about because of the rather smallish sizes. Surprise came this february. A stone of 1.50cts and intense colour change surfaced, found its way to our broker and changed into our hands.

A short time ago we could buy two stones weighing in at 2.56cts and 3.00cts were found, the larger one being eyeclean. Both stones displayed a truly spectacular colour change.

It remains to be seen if this was a one-time find or if the mine finally started producing large stones. We will keep you up to date. Check the alexandrite category of our website for the latest entries...