Alexandrite news

Good news for Alexandrite lovers!

When in the mid 1990ies Indian Alexandrite hit international gem markets, they immediately caused some commotion.
True, colour change in stones below 1-1.5cts was rather weak but three qualities nevertheless made these gems very popular right away: 

Unfortunately Indian Alexandrite sources were not very productive and restricted to rather small "pockets".
Moreover a tragic mining accident in the state of Andhra Pradesh made the government move in and clear the area.
On top of that the tsunami of 2004 inundated many of the small coastal mines and effectively brought  Alexandrite mining to a halt.
In 2007 mining operations restarted, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Now, after many years, in which we stubbornly but unsuccessfully tried to buy Indian Alexandrites, we finally got lucky.

For the time being we could acquire twenty small ovals, sized 5x4mm and 6x4mm.

The fact that the stones come in calibrated sizes nourishes our hope that there is more to come and we might be able to get some larger stones, ideally above 1ct, as well.

We´ll keep you posted...

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Important note:
Alexandrite is extremely difficult to capture on photo or film.
We explicitly point out:
The camera intensifies red colour. Colour change is not nearly as pronounced as in photos or videos.

However, in strong incandescent light and without any scattered daylight or room light, colour change is quite distinct