Tanzanite market in motion

The Tanzanite market shows signs of recovery.
Why you should buy now:

As a reminder

In September 2008 the Lehman Brothers bank declared bankruptcy, which marked the beginning of a worldwide economic crisis. During 2009, the all-important American market collapsed, which sent Tanzanite prices tumbling down - minus 60% in only one year!

As early as 2010 we advised Tanzanite lovers to buy, because it was obvious that sooner or later prices would start rising again.

Now, it seems, the time has come. There is increasing evidence for an upcoming rally:
The last issue, in particular, is cause for some reflection. What happens to prices, when Chinese buyers fan out, to stock up on their home market's latest trendstone, can be judged from the examples of Ruby, Sapphire, Rubellite and Verdelite. All of these stones registered sharp price hikes during the last couple of years, mostly due to enormous demand from the Middle Kingdom...

At this February's Tucson fair, asking prices where already up 10-15% from two years ago, the time of our last visit.

We could talk one wholesaler down to the previous level, but negotiations were tough.
In the end we grasped this (probably last) opportunity to once more stock up on some fine single pieces and several lots of small calibrated gems.