edelsteine.at - the new look

Our website is now fully responsive

No need to sit at your office desk – our website is now fully responsive for mobiles and tablets, too.

Furthermore we have greatly improved website performance and reduced load time.
No matter where you are, edelsteine.at will work like a charm.

Enhanced navigation

Due to the sheer size of our webshop - at the time of writing there are 3688 gems online - one could indeed get lost.
This problem is now solved for good.

Thoroughly revised pull down gem categories make sure you never lose your way again.

More photos and videos

Selected gems will be shown from more than one angle and our best stones will even sport a video!

However, we need to ask your patience. Some videos are already online but to produce thousands of photos and several hundred videos will take some time.

The dots below the image indicate three photos and a video. Just click...

Enhanced Search

Our search page now also allows for multiple selection of categories. Let's say you are interested in untreated rubies and sapphires from 3 to 5 millimeters - you can limit your query as follows:

Streamlined procedures

Ordering is simpler, more concise and significantly faster.

Take for example the new "shopping cart layer" which shows you how many gems (or pieces of one kind of gemstone) you put into your cart.
Close the window or click "continue shopping" to return to exactly the same spot in the webshop.

100% encryption ensures highest security

So far only sensitive personal data and all data concerning payment were encrypted.

Now HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) ensures that ALL data are encrypted. Look for the lock icon in the adress bar of your browser and the adress starting with "https" instead of http, only. Often the letters https are highlighted in colour.

So far we invested 2786 hours into programming and re-designing our website and we hope you like the result as much as we do.

Your comments, criticism or praise are highly welcome and please do let us know, should you find any bugs.

Happy browsing!

The team of the Vienna Gem Center